Windcrest Organics Sea Kelp for All Plants and Soils

Windcrest Organics Sea Kelp is a water soluble, high food grade sea kelp powder (Ascophyllum Nodosum) from Iceland. Processed without chemicals and approved for organic production, this seaweed powder is created from fresh seaweed using a low heat, non-pressurized process to maximize the transfer of beneficial compounds from the seaweed to the powder.

Benefits to Plants and Crops

Sea Kelp from Windcrest FarmSea kelp can be applied to the roots or foliage of the plant. When applied as a foliar spray, sea kelp helps the plant uptake certain elemental nutrients through the leaves. When applied to the roots, sea kelp increases the number of plant beneficial microorganisms found in the rhizosphere (the soil region subject to the influence of plant roots and their associated microorganisms). To maximize these effects, sea kelp should be applied the roots early in the plant's life cycle and later applied as a foliar spray.

PLEASE NOTE: Sea kelp is not curative but used as a preventative, it is most effective when applied before the plant or crop experiences any particular stress. Repeated, low dose applications show the optimum results as opposed to fewer, high applications. Treatments during and after any stress will help the plant recover from stresses such as disease, insects and fungi attacks, drought and cold temperatures.

What makes sea kelp so beneficial to plants?
Sea kelp contains naturally occurring plant growth regulators, namely cytokinins, gibberellins, and indoles. In addition, it contains essential micronutrients such as iron, copper, zinc, molybdenum, boron, manganese, and cobalt for healthy plant growth and development. Seaweed also contains a chelating compound called mannitol, which chelates micronutrients into forms that are readily available for plant use.

CONCENTRATED POWDER: 8 oz. of powder creates up to 84 gallons of liquid soil and plant amendment or spray!

The winning combination for soil building, plant nutrition, and healthy harvests:
Mary's Mineral Mix, Black Castings and Sea Kelp
Feed the soil that feeds the plant that feeds us!


Convenient and economical 8 oz. concentrated powder:

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