Calendar of Events



Saturday, 1.26.13 - Learn & Grow Class Seed Saving Starts in the Spring

Successfully saving vegetable, herb and flower seeds in the fall requires selecting and planting the right varieties in the spring. Join us to learn the five steps to successfully save and preserve seed. [more information and registration]


Saturday, 2.23.13 - Learn & Grow Class Seed Starting & Plant Propagation

Get hands-on experience in our USDA Certified Organic greenhouse to learn how to successfully grow your own fall vegetable, herb and flower transplants. Learn the optimal conditions for growing seedlings from the early stages of plant growth up to the transplanting stage. [more information and registration]

Topics include:

  • the desirable characteristics of propagation media and common container formats
  • sowing seeds
  • managing irrigation
  • when and how to deliver supplemental fertilization
  • how to manage pests and pathogens
  • getting transplants ready for the field


Saturday, 3.9.13 - On The Farm Cooking Class with Culinary Expert Heidi Billoto

Sunday 3.10.13 - Daylight Savings Time Begins - SPRING FORWARD!

Tuesday, 3.19.13 - Learn & Grow Class Seed Starting & Plant Propagation [more information and registration]


Sat & Sun - 4. 6 - 4.7.13 - Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Plant Sale

Saturday, 4.13.13 - Learn & Grow Class Companion Plants in the Garden
Webster's defines a "companion" as a "a person employed to accompany, assist, or live with another in the capacity of a helpful friend". learn how can you employ the helpful benefits of the plants in your garden for better yields, pest control, attracting specific beneficial insects, bees and birds to your garden. [more information and registration]


Saturday, 5.4.13 - Pot Party at the Greenhouse - Bring your pots and we will fill them with organic soil, fertilizers and plants!

Saturday, 5.18.13 - On The Farm Cooking Class with Culinary Expert Heidi Billoto





Date TBD - "Autumn in the Garden - Rebuild, Replant, Relax"


Date TBD - "Seed Saving - An On Farm Harvest"