Certified Organic Vegetable, Herb, Fruit & Flower Plants


Our plugs and plants are raised organically in Monroe, NC to provide growers who do not have the space, time or room to raise plants from transplants from seed. These transplants are great for for both novice and experienced gardeners alike and are all raised without the use of pesticides, herbicides, chemical sprays and fertilizers.

Our plugs and plants are grown using seed that is non-treated, non-GMO and, whenever possible, certified organic. All of our plants are grown in soil that is rich in natural minerals and OMRI approved pure worm castings. Throughout their development, our plants are fed a balanced diet of sea-based fertilizers.

Windcrest Farm LOVES Dot Pots!

We tried the glued peat moss pots, but got better plant growth from OMRI Listed®, biodegradable DOT Pots. Dot Pots are made from all natural wood fibers, 80% Wood fiber from sustainable tree thinning (no newspaper), 20% Peat moss and nothing else! They DO NOT contain glues or binders so they allow the plant roots to grow right through the pot during the normal greenhouse production cycle. The plant's growth is not impeded by the walls of the pot so vigorous, non-girdled root system are allowed to spread out evenly and uniformly.

DOT Pots achieve even air pruning along the entire container surface, not just through drain holes. The results are quicker establishment of plants in the garden and landscape and faster production time with hard to transplant crops.