Mary's Mineral Mix

Mary's Mineral MixThis special blend of slow-release organic fertilizers and minerals will feed the soil that feed the plant that feeds you. Add to container gardens, raised beds and fields for balanced plant nutrition. Excellent addition to Black Castings.

Use for vegetables, flowers and herbs.

Also available: Mary's Mineral Mix for Blueberries.

Vegetable Gardens: Apply 5 lbs. per 100 sq ft and mix thoroughly into soil. For transplants, add 1-2 tablespoons per planting hole, mix with soil and water in well. To feed established plants, apply 2-4 tablespoons per plant twice each month during the growing season.
Containers and Houseplants: New planting - mix 1 part Mary's Mineral Mix with 20 parts of potting soil. For established plants, mix 1-2 tablespoons per gallon of soil.
Trees & Shrubs: Apply 1 lb. per 2 inches of trunk diameter around the plant base outwards to the drip line. Water well.

Mary's Mineral Mix contains the right balance of:

Alfalfa Meal, Certified Organic (4-3-.7 + minerals)
Slow acting all purpose fertilizer. An alternative to blood meal as a source of nitrogen, balanced with phosphorus and potassium. An excellent soil conditioner because of it's protein and carbohydrates that encourage microbial action in soil. Has an excellent carbon to nitrogen ratio which helps speeds availability in the soil to plants.

Kelp, Certified Organic (1-0-2)
Kelp Meal contains 60 trace minerals and an assortment of amino acids, enzymes, and alginates that feed and stimulate the necessary microorganisms in your soil. A healthy, active microbial population will breakdown organic material and improve the quality and texture of the soil.

Calphos™ (0-3-0)
Calphos™ is a natural, untreated soft phosphate with colloidal clay containing valuable minor minerals in addition to phosphorus. It is not acid forming, will not cake or harden and spreads easily.

When applied to the soil Calphos™ adheres to and becomes a part of the soil. It will not leach and it will not revert and once applied remains in the soil until used by the plants. Calphos™ contains no harmful acids and encourages growth of soil bacteria and earthworms.

Greensand is mined from deposits of minerals that were originally part of the ocean floor. Contains about 3% total potash, along with iron, magnesium, silica and as many as 30 other trace minerals. May also be used to loosen heavy, clay soils. Improves plant health.

Hi-Calcium Lime
Calcium plays a major role in the physiology of the plant by strengthening the plant's physical structure and helping develop protection from diseases. In the soil calcium aids in the reduction of soil compaction and provides a better environment for beneficial bacteria. Some research even suggests that calcium plays a role in reducing weed populations. Adjusts the soil's pH.

The "A to Z of minerals including trace elements. Contains a broad spectrum of over 70 metabolically active minerals and trace elements.

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